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Masts of HMS Warrior 1860


This website has been created to share my family tree research with interested parties. To view the families that have been researched click on the Surnames button.

To view what information has been added to this website since it was first uploaded, click on the Archive button.

I also have another website: John Smith Family Tree website ( which includes other families I have been researching. There are also links to other websites associated with these families.

Sometimes there are unnamed photos and half-remembered stories about relatives so I have created a Mystery Relatives page for them in the hope that someday, someone might recognise them.

If you would like to get in touch, my email is:

Shivaun Tijou



09 January: Website's layout redesign completed.
                       Strachan page created (though family is still being researched).


This website was last updated 09 January 2024.